November 28, 2019

The awarding ceremony of the Leaders in the Economy within the framework of National Business Rating was held on November 7, 2019 in the capital of our Republic.

Mentioned event brought together more than 150 participants where 70 companies representing Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan became laureates of prestigious awards.

“This event is the leadership finale of hard work during the year and the work should be rewarded by both fair wage and recognition”, noted Mr. Valery Gizhitsky, President of the Union of National Business Rating.

"Fincraft Resources" Joint Stock Company became one of the recipients of such recognition and award. Our Company was given with a prestigious award - VIP Medal “Industry Leader 2019” and our best employees were conferred with the following awards and titles:

Order "Professional Calling" - E.S. Idrisov, Chief Executive Officer,

Medal "For Merits and Achievements" - K.I. Dovganyuk, Director of Legal Department,

Certificate "Accountant of the Year" - T.V. Nikulkina, Deputy Chief Accountant,

Certificate "Specialist of the Year" - G.M. Sarsengalieva, Deputy Director of Personnel Management and Administration Department.

These awards is a kind of high-quality mark, demonstrating our company's efficient performance and high appreciation of our work. We have proven our financial stability, trustworthiness and conscientiousness.

Being a leader means getting an incentive, inspiration and practical tools to summit new peaks of business. Our company is on a right, proper direction. The "Industry Leader" Award has further strengthened our team spirit and faith in the future, making us confident in the development of international market, supposing economic growth not only of our Company, but for whole Kazakhstan. The "Industry Leader" Award confirms our aspiration for high standards and transparency in relationship with the state.

Mr. B. A. Oryngaliev, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Mr. K. I. Dovganyuk, Director of Legal Department represented our Company in the award ceremony. They both shared their vivid impressions of the award ceremony, which was not just a festive part of the event, but a real triumph of success. As noted by Bauyrzhan Amankosovich, that meeting of country's industry leaders was a unique chance to get acquainted with top managers of successful companies, share experience and further initiate and set up partnership projects. He also confirmed that ceremony was a platform to strengthen positive business image of our Company in international business community.

Today we are proud to be distinguished as best of the best, becoming the flagship of industry and member of business elite of Kazakhstan.

Recognition of the company's achievements motivates us to rise to new goals and higher level and we are looking forward to summit more peaks in business! Our team is confident that this recognition and award will multiply our gain, expand our control and ensure development of new business areas and markets.