July 4, 2022

“Herewith «Fincraft Resources» JSC (hereinafter referred to as JSC) located at the address: Bldg. 300/26, Dostyk Avenue, city of Almaty, BIN 060 840 005 025, IIC KZ2285 60000004149742 (KZT) at “BankCenterCredit” JSC, BIC KCJBKZKX notifies on upcoming dividends payment under preferred shares (ISIN:KZ1P00000566).
The payment term covers the period from July 2021 till July 2022 according to the Securities Holders Registry dated 04.07.2022. 
In compliance to clause 4, Article 6 of the Charter of JSC, the dividends are paid once a year and not later July 31 of every year. 
The amount of dividends per one preferred share is KZT 01. 
The anticipated payment start date is July 05, 2022 and payment will be executed by means of transfer of the monies to bank accounts of securities’ holders.”